Monday, December 19, 2011

Make It My Own Monday!

Today I am linking up with Miss Chelsea and Holly for Make It My Own Monday (MiMO)! These bloggers host a link-up for people to show an outfit they wore inspired by Pinterest! Wellll, since I LOVE Pinterest, I was SO excited to do this link-up and try a new fun outfit!

Here is the outfit from Pinterest that inspired my look today:

And here is what I wore!

                                                             Dress: Target
                                                             Jean Jacket: Aeropostale
                                                             Boots: Nordstrom

I didn't have quite the same type of dress, but it's similar enough and super comfortable...although now that I'm looking at it in pictures, I wish I had worn a dress that was a little shorter! Oh time..

My boots are also a little different, but I love them sooo much! :)


Holly said...

You look so cute! What a great way to wear some summer dresses in the winter! Great outfit! Thanks for linking up!

Erin said...

Thanks Holly! I love this link-up---such a cute idea! :)

Miss Chelsea said...

The bright dress makes this so fun! Thanks for playing along

Anonymous said...

Very cute!!

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