Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday's Fancies: April Showers!

This week for Friday's Fancies with Long Distance Loving, the theme was to find a cute outfit to wear during some of those rainy April showers that might be heading our way fun! Although I hate rainy days, I do love some of the adorable rain accessories you can find!


This is the look that I came up with! I was thinking bright, cheerful colors to brighten up a rainy day!

April Showers!

1.) Now, when it's raining out, I will wear jeans to work even though technically I am only supposed to wear them on Fridays..haha...hey, I like to be a rebel, what can I say? ;) :)

G-Star skinny leg jeans
£99 -

2.) I LOVE Hunter boots! I already blogged about these boots here,  but they are just too adorable not to include again! Plus, what a great color!

Hunter rubber boots
$125 -

3.) I am usually cold when it is raining, so hence the cardigan to keep me warm during those spring rains...this shade of pink is so fun and colorful! (And I have to say, the name of this brand cracked me up! Fat Face? Really?! Haha...) 

Fat Face knit cardigan
£38 -

4.) This bag is actually described as a "rain slicker" bag which is totally awesome. And proves that Marc Jacobs is, in fact, a fashion genius... :)

Marc by marc jacobs bag
£198 -

5.) And of course, what rainy day ensemble would be complete without an umbrella! I chose this one because it is simple (wild patterns are not really my thing...) and an adorable color! Very spring-like!
$30 -

Thursday, March 29, 2012

'90s Kid...Through and Through!

Now, this might date me a bit (even though I don't think I'm that old--just in my upper 20s), but I'm not quite sure I could have been more of a '90s kid if I had deliberately tried. I saw some awesome pins on Pinterest about  90s kids favorites, so I thought I'd share it for any other '90s kids out there! (Hopefully I'm not the only one? I feel old..haha!)

Ohhh, I loved these books SO much! So many good ones!!

We Heart It via Kayla via Pinterest

 Yeah, I was basically obsessed with stick-on earrings! I wore them all the time before I got my ears pierced--so fun!

Brooke via Pinterest

 This is one of those songs that I will never forget the lyrics to, like ever...also, the show was hysterical!
Lynsey via Pinterest

 Greatest game show ever made is absolutely true! True confession time: last summer, I actually found (and started Tivo-ing) old episodes of this show that were shown on some random Nick channel....hah!

Rebecca via Pinterest

"Goonies never say die!" 
Amber via Pinterest

Think of every neon color you can imagine and I'm pretty sure one of my sisters or I had jellies in that color, hahaha...
Amber via Pinterest

Oh, Mash! I would always get mad if I didn't get "M" for!
Nickie via Pinterest

Polly Pockets! These adorable little sets of fun kept me occupied for many hours on long car rides....they are still at my family's house and I'm absolutely saving them for a daughter or niece one day! :)

Amber via Pinterest

Puffy Paint! I LOVED Puffy Paint so much! Although now I look back at the pictures and wonder what on earth I was thinking wearing t-shirts with puffy paint scribble on them..hah!
Kayla via Pinterest

Anyone else have favorites from the '90s? I'm sure there are tons that I left out, but these were some of my favorites! :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday

Another Wednesday, another day of linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple! I'm definitely glad it is Wednesday, although I'd be happier if it was Friday afternoon so it would be the start of my Spring Break, but oh well...getting closer!

This week, I decided to make my pins related to spring because it is my favorite season and there are so many cute clothes/crafts/fun spring things on Pinterest. :)

1.) I LOVE this outfit! The dress, the shoes, the purse---I want it all! 

The Pink Peonies via Holly via Pinterest   

2.) Aww! How cute are these? SO fun!

Jenna via Pinterest

3.) So going to do this for our Easter dinner!!!

Parties and Holidays Blog via Lorie via Pinterest

4.) Wow...just gorgeous! 

Holly via Pinterest

5. ) What a pretty wreath! Those colors are so cute!

Charming Decor  via Laina via Pinterest

6.) Oooh, this looks like a yummy treat! Can't wait to try it!

Stock Piling Moms via Linda via Pinterest

7.) SUCH a great dress! The color and style are fantastic!

The Perfect Palette via Pinterest

8.) Okay, so this is not technically "spring-related", but seriously...hahahaha! If only phones had that setting... 

Mary via Pinterest

I hope you have a GREAT Wednesday!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Recap...

This past weekend was a busy one...I was able to:

- finish my work for two professional development online classes I took this semester! Yea! I didn't love having to do work on a Friday night, but it is nice to have those classes done and I got really good feedback from my facilitators.. :-D

- watch several episodes of the first season of Downton Abbey! I LOVE this show! I don't know how I possibly missed it when it first came out, but once I started hearing about how good it is, I had to watch it! So now I'm done with Season 1 and ready to watch Season 2 on DVD....

- hang out with my friends Kim and Meghan on Saturday night....I love these girls so much! Kim is going to be working overseas this summer and we decided to organize a trip to France after Kim's project is done! 
  • Sooo, Saturday night, we planned our trip to a bar...complete with notebooks, iteraries, etc. Haha! Classy, I know! ;) After awhile, we did progress to a nearby Barnes and Noble when it started to get really noisy in the bar...and then sat in the Starbucks cafe while looking at travel books for free, haha....) I'm SO excited!

- grade about 200 papers, quizzes, and projects, and then inputting the report card grades.... grades...whew! It took forever, but that's okay, because I also got to see


I'm SO glad I went to see it and I really liked it! It's obviously different from the book and I don't want to spoil it for anyone who might not have seen it yet or hasn't read the books. But I thought the acting was superb and I just loved seeing it! If you haven't read the books, I HIGHLY recommend them. But start reading them when you have a good chunk of time because you will likely not be able to put them down! Well, maybe that's just me, but I'm one of those people who will read until way past my bedtime if it's a really good book. The movie is also fantastic but I would read the books first and then see it! Just my thoughts.... :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday's Fancies: March Madness!

I'm linking up with Long Distance Loving for another fun edition of Friday's Fancies!

This week's theme is March Madness and the idea was to create a cute look around your favorite team!

I went to college at James Madison University, which (no surprise!) I think is the best school in the world...seriously, I loved college SO much! :)

Although our basketball team was nowhere close to the NCAA tourney this year, (sad!), I still heart my purple and gold! This is the look I created to show my best school spirit!

March Madness--Purple and Gold!

March Madness--Purple and Gold! by eraff1483 featuring stretch jeans

1.) This adorable white top is perfect for spring! I love love love the ruffle collar!

Frock Frill bohemian style top
£30 -

2.) I have a special place in my heart for Delia's. I know their clothes are designed with tweens and teens in mind, which I most definitely am not, but I just love the way their jeans fit me! These purple ones are sooo cute!
Stretch jeans
$15 -

3.) Love these sandals---they would go with so many different outfits!
GUESS ankle strap sandals
$60 -


4.) Super pretty purple ring! And I just love rings shaped like flowers---so fun!
GUESS mixed metal jewelry
$35 -

5.) These earrings are so great!!! I love long, dangly ones...
Kate Spade travel jewelry
$98 -

6.) I might have a slight scarf obsession, but I am already planning outfits around one in this beautiful shade of yellow gold! Love it!
€329 -

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hey Girl...LOL!

The hilarious "Hey Girl' pictures have been all over the Internet and Pinterest and there is even a funny website completely devoted to "Hey Girl" pictures related to teaching, which I love! Plus, most of them involve Ryan Gosling who I'm going to marry a fan of...(Hello, The Notebook! Best movie ever!)

Here are some of my favs that I've seen recently....

Via Natalie via Pinterest
Haha, love this! An apple a day and Ryan Gosling? Yes please!

Via Plainfield Library via Pinterest
I almost fell over when I saw this friend Emily and I are taking a professional development class and one of the things we just learned about was Boolean Search techniques! I cannot wait to show her!

Via Laura via Pinterest
 Oh word problems...haha! Although the answer here is certainly the best one! :)

Via Sara-Anne via Pinterest
Sigh.... :)

Via Beth via Pinterest
Hahaha! Love that I'm not the only one who sees no problem with leggings at work..yep--my school is awesome like that! :) And although he's not Ryan Gosling, I think he'll do.. ;)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pinterest Wednesday!! :)

I'm so excited to be sponsoring this week's Oh How Pinteresting Link-Up at The Vintage Apple! This is one of my absolute favorite link-ups (and I'm not just saying that because I'm sponsoring it this week, haha!) I LOVE finding new and interesting things on Pinterest! :) 

Let's get started!

1.) Such a creative idea! I love to lounge around my bed and flip through my favorite magazines and this is an adorable way of storing them!

Coisasdaorlas Blog via Rebecca via Pinterest

2.) Ooooh, this is a really pretty spring dress! I love the color and the belts are a great touch!

Mod Cloth via Emily via Pinterest

3.) Haha!!! Funny that none of the young ones in my classes have ever asked why Johnny needs so many apples or why Suzie is buying 12 gallons of milk...haha!

Maria via Pinterest

 4.) Oh my gosh---so true! Do not ever read WebMd or any other medical website after about 9pm. You will be convinced that whatever worst-case medical scenario possible is about to come true....(or is that just me? Haha...)

Shoe Box Blog
via  Christine via Pinterest

5.) Tiffany-inspired nails??!? Yes please! Just seeing this color makes me happy and the design is amazing!

Elaine via Pinterest

6.) Haha--so true! The next time my dad someone I knows tells me that I have too many shoes, I will just show them this! :)

Kathy via Pinterest

7.) This bookcase is so cute!! It has a very Vera Bradley-ish look, and the colors are gorgeous! I definitely want to make one like this someday.

Maja via Pinterest

8.) HAHA! Oh Pinterest.... you never cease to amuse me!

Olivia via Pinterest

I hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday and enjoys showing their favorite pins from the week! Thank you Michelle for letting me sponsor this week's Oh, How Pinteresting! :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hunger Games!

I cannot believe that this is the week that Hunger Games is coming out!! I'm SO excited! I have been waiting for this for SO LONG! Yay!!!!!

(I also can't believe that I'm going to make myself wait to see the movie until I've finished a big project for an online professional development class, a project that is about 75% of my grade and is due by the end of the day Saturday! I guess I'm becoming a grown-up and doing my work first, then having fun second...sigh...)

Earlier today, my dad showed me a hilarious Hunger Games parody and I thought I'd share it for my fellow Hunger Games fans out there....

Hahaha! Oh too funny! My favorite part was probably when she smacked her arm with the string on her bow and arrow (although I know from experience how much that can hurt, lol! )

After watching it about 4 times with my dad, I convinced my dad that he HAD to watch the real trailer to decide if he wanted to see the movie, and after the trailer was over, he asked me a question about something from the movie and I proceeded to talk about it for....oh about the next 15 minutes (hey, whatever--he did ask me a question!) :) I'm not sure if I sold him on it or not, but oh well! I'm going to go see it at the very first showing after I get my project completed! I can't wait!!

Haha! Saw this on Pinterest and it made me laugh...and is pretty much true... :)

Catherine via Pinterest