Saturday, January 14, 2012

Color Crush!

Today I am linking up with Long Distance Loving for Friday Fancies! 

(Even though it's technically Saturday now--whoops!)

This week's theme was color crush! I am pretty much obsessed with the 
color pink and I love the combination of pink and black, so that was my
inspiration today! I decided to go with planning a fancy outfit for a night 
out on the town or maybe a black tie wedding!! :)

Color Crush

Color Crush by eraff1483 featuring stone jewelry

 1). I LOVE love love this dress! And it's a good price too! I heart H& M!
H M short dress                                         
£15 -

2.) These are so cute with the bows on the back and sparkles on the heels.

Betsey Johnson platform shoes          .
$105 -

 3.) I love this clutch! I have a thing for bows too! So cute!
Debut bow clutch                                           
£13 -

4.) I really like the design of this necklace--very elegant!
2028 Jewelry black statement necklace     
$60 -

5.) This ring is SO pretty! I love the black around the center stone!
White House Black Market Stone Jewelry  
$38 -

6.) These earrings are so cute, I might just go order them right now! :)
Post earrings                                                  
$11 -


Amy Powell said...

That's a great outfit... Very elegant!

Erin said...

Thanks Amy!

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