Thursday, March 29, 2012

'90s Kid...Through and Through!

Now, this might date me a bit (even though I don't think I'm that old--just in my upper 20s), but I'm not quite sure I could have been more of a '90s kid if I had deliberately tried. I saw some awesome pins on Pinterest about  90s kids favorites, so I thought I'd share it for any other '90s kids out there! (Hopefully I'm not the only one? I feel old..haha!)

Ohhh, I loved these books SO much! So many good ones!!

We Heart It via Kayla via Pinterest

 Yeah, I was basically obsessed with stick-on earrings! I wore them all the time before I got my ears pierced--so fun!

Brooke via Pinterest

 This is one of those songs that I will never forget the lyrics to, like ever...also, the show was hysterical!
Lynsey via Pinterest

 Greatest game show ever made is absolutely true! True confession time: last summer, I actually found (and started Tivo-ing) old episodes of this show that were shown on some random Nick channel....hah!

Rebecca via Pinterest

"Goonies never say die!" 
Amber via Pinterest

Think of every neon color you can imagine and I'm pretty sure one of my sisters or I had jellies in that color, hahaha...
Amber via Pinterest

Oh, Mash! I would always get mad if I didn't get "M" for!
Nickie via Pinterest

Polly Pockets! These adorable little sets of fun kept me occupied for many hours on long car rides....they are still at my family's house and I'm absolutely saving them for a daughter or niece one day! :)

Amber via Pinterest

Puffy Paint! I LOVED Puffy Paint so much! Although now I look back at the pictures and wonder what on earth I was thinking wearing t-shirts with puffy paint scribble on them..hah!
Kayla via Pinterest

Anyone else have favorites from the '90s? I'm sure there are tons that I left out, but these were some of my favorites! :)


poptartyogini said...

Yes!! I'll date myself as well. Jelly shoes and stick on earrings that always fell off. Gotta love it!

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