Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Guest Blogger: Poptart Yogini

Last week, (when I thought I would be living it up on Mexican beaches--go here if you are wondering why I'm not there), I asked a few bloggers to guest post for me and I'm really excited to have poptart yogini as one of them!!


hi all!!  i'm the poptart yogini  and i'm so
thrilled to be guest posting for erin while she's soaking up the
mexican sun.  when i first volunteered to guest post i felt a little
intimidated regarding what to write about.  erin gave me some
suggestions and i finally settled on posting about the wollersheim
winery in prairie du sac, wisconsin.  
it is near the wisconsin dells.  here's why this place is so special to me:

my husband, king louie (his favorite disney movie is the jungle book)
and i decided to officially become a couple on thanksgiving day 2006.
we'd known each other for a long time at that point but i consider our
first date to be the wollersheim winery.  we went there on
thanksgiving friday.  king louie's family had been going to
wollersheim for years and he was excited to share the winery with me.
while wollersheim is near the wisconsin dells, it is not in the
wisconsin dells.  king louie lived in milwaukee at the time and as we
made the trip to the winery it began to snow.  wollersheim is in a
picture postcard town that looked like a Christmas village as we
approached.  i wish i could share a picture but i had no idea i would
be blogging about this trip as an old married lady some five and a
half years later.

not our original visit but there is snow on the ground and no grapes

we took the tour and learned about how the land was settled in the
1840's by a hungarian immigrant because it reminded him of where he
grew grapes at home. 

 the cave in the picture above is where one of the previous winemakers
used to store the wine barrels and before they built any outlying
buildings they even lived in it.  here the grapes are in full swing.

the wollersheims bought the land in 1972 and wanted to restore it to a
family run vineyard.  their daughter along with her husband, a
frenchman (always smart to have a someone named philippe help run your
vineyeard), run the winery today.  source
 the property looks
a bit different than it did with one lonely cave:

isn't there always a gift shop?

here are a few more sights of the vineyards:

and the most important part:

sitting around and getting yummy

our day at the wollersheim winery was such a magical way to start our
relationship.  on our ride home king louie drove so carefully in the
snow and tried to distract from the fact that it was hunting season.
i'm a suburban girl who isn't used to seeing bambis tied to trucks.
we even established 'our gas station'.  he bought me a diet pepsi and
a york peppermint patty.  the true way to this girl's heart.

his family loves that we love wollersheim.  they even incorporated it
into my bridal shower.  they gave us two bottles of wollersheim wine
signed by philippe:

i guess you'll have to trust me that they're signed

so, i thank you so much for taking the time to learn about this
special place.  if you ever find yourself in the vicinity of the
wisconsin dells and thirsty, i highly recommend stopping by.

and a thank you  to erin for allowing me to share her blog.  have a
wonderful day!

~poptart yogini~


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