Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What's Going On....

This past weekend was a busy but fun one! :)

 On Friday night, I spent some time with the boy and we met up to see a movie in Alexandria. I had wanted to see The Lucky One and since he's totally awesome, he agreed to go see it with me!

Well, I checked for the movie time on Thursday, but didn't think to check again on Friday and the theater pulled that movie! :( Booo! Erin Movie Fail: 1. Awesome, lol...

Luckily, we both also wanted to see Think Like a Man and there was a showing a little later. So we ate a quick dinner at Ruby Tuesdays and then saw the movie, which was SO funny. I would definitely recommend it--it was hysterical! I almost never see movies in the theater more than once, but I would go see this again! We had a great time hanging out and I just love spending time with him! :)

I also got to hang out with his adorable little puppy, Orville--I love this little guy! :) Isn't he soooo cute? 
So sweet!


On Sunday, I spent the day with my family celebrating Mother's Day and my wonderful, amazing mother! She really is the best! We had a delicious brunch at home, went out for a long drive in the country, walked around an abbey in the middle of literally nowhere, haha,  and then went to a winery and had a great time wine-tasting! And left with 6 bottles of wine, hah! (Hey, what can I say? The wine was delish....)

A field, somewhere in Berryville, VA!

Those bushes possibly could be grapes? Hmm, nature girl I am not, so I really don't know. Still pretty! Haha..

Sisters! And a random lady photobombing our pic! Lol...


These past few days of school have been SO busy with so much to do as we prep the kids for some very important tests coming up. 

The kids are very eager to show what they've learned this year as is shown in this exchange below that took place during math:

Me: "Now, does anyone else have any questions about our review packet or the problems we've gone over today?"
Girl Student: "I don't have a question about math, but I do have two questions for you: My first is, do you have a favorite member of One Direction and my second is, are you excited for Pretty Little Liars to come back on in 23 days?" 

Umm, seriously?!? We are in the middle of an important math review and that is what they are wondering about--omg! 

(Side note: How sad is it that I actually was able to answer those questions with "Well, I think I like Harry Styles the best because he has a great voice...and yes, I cannot wait to see what happens next with "A" on Pretty Little Liars!" Sad, but true...haha! These girls know me too well!)

And just to add a little bit more excitement to the already crazy busy day, we had a real, legitimate fire alarm--eek! I was sitting in the teacher's lounge, almost done with lunch, when the alarm went off and we all knew immediately that a drill would never be done during lunchtime. So I quickly ran hobbled to the cafeteria to round up my darlings and get them outside safely. Some of them followed me but a few others followed another 6th grade teacher's class to a different fire drill location (Not sure why exactly, but as long as they were safe, it's okay!) 

The kids who were with me kept asking me if I knew if those kids had "survived", which is actually really sweet slash amusing. Aw! Haha... It turns out that there was not a fire but one of the mechanical rooms (?) got overheated, which automatically set off the alarm. Even still, we were out of the building for about 35 minutes while the fire department checked everything out. Definitely a huge relief that everything was okay!

Today I looked at the calendar and realized that my trip to Mexico is less than two weeks away---yea! Super excitement/packing panic modes are in full force now! I'm going to go write my trip/packing list right now...!


poptartyogini said...

Your kids must love that you're all hip and cool and like the stuff that they do. You and your sisters all look alike. I love seeing family resemblances. I hope your students do well on their exams!

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