Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Campus Book Rentals- Review!

Campus Book Rentals - your textbook alternative

Renting college textbooks is SUCH a great idea! I remember the days (ew I sound old) of spending HUNDREDS of dollars in my campus bookstore, buying all of my textbooks each semester. And my favorite part? Trying to resell them at the end of the semester, only to be told they weren't accepting it because a "new edition" was coming out next year. Grr...

Being able to pay a reasonable fee to rent a textbook for however long you need it is such a great idea! Campus Book Rentals does not charge you a membership fee and they give you free shipping BOTH ways, which is a huge savings. 

Campus Book Rentals is clearly laid out and very easy to navigate. Let's say for instance, you were taking a class in Art History. All you would need to do is create an account, search for the book, find the book you need from the tons of books they have available, and boom! Your textbook will be sent to you for your use during the rental period (and you are allowed to highlight in it!). The rental fees are significantly cheaper than what you would pay if you were buying it new. Then when you are done with the book, you return it in the return shipping envelope that they provide for you and that's it! Sounds very simple and hassle-free. 

One of the nicest features that this company provides you with is the option to rent the textbook based on the length of your course. You can choose from a semester, or 130 days, a quarter, or 85 days, or a summer course, which is 55 days. So if you are taking a shorter course, you will pay even LESS than the great deal you would have already gotten---so nice and makes total sense! You also have the option to extend the rental period if you happen to need it longer which is nice if you are a procrastinator someone who gets their inspiration from working at the last moment like me! 

I definitely encourage you to check out the company and use it for renting your textbooks.

Campus Book Rentals - your textbook alternative

 (And if you are still in college/starting college soon, I am completely jealous of you! I miss the college days of fun times with friends, parties, picnics on the quad, football games, and all-you-can-eat buffets at the dining hall, haha. But seriously, enjoy it and LIVE it up! :) )

* Although I was compensated for this review, these opinions are completely my own. I think this sounds like a fantastic company. *


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