Monday, August 29, 2011

Erin Condren--Teacher Planner!

Today I'm linking with Meredith to show one of the things that I am MOST excited about for this upcoming school year (besides meeting my new class and catching up with co-workers) which is my brand-new, totally awesome teacher planner that I got from Erin Condren!

It is SO amazing--I'm so excited to use it! It has every little detail you can imagine to help teachers stay organized.

I love the bright colors and fun details that the teacher planner has in it! 

It has several pages with the holidays and important dates already listed on it--awesome!

A few pages for notes for the substitute, although being honest here, I probably won't use these pages. I have an entire folder on my desk with information for substitutes. Plus, I doubt I would leave my plan book, since I take it home every day and probably wouldn't leave it for a sub..(it's full of all of my secrets! Hah, not really...) 

It also has pages to record birthdays! This will be great since I'm not always so great at remembering birthdays...:-/

I love the larger calendars for each month--this will help with long-term planning! :)

And the plan book pages! I think Fridays will be my favorite because 1. It's Friday! and 2. That day is pink and that's my favorite color! :)

Lots of super FUN stickers that say things like "computer lab", "library", "art", etc.! I think my plan book will be the most colorful one ever! :)

The  back cover--I LOVE the purple! The front looks exactly the same except it has my name on it.

I love this planner SO much! I cannot wait to start using it! :) It also came with lots of coupons, discounts, etc. So cool!

And the VERY best thing about this plan book is.....

it was completely free!!! I got a coupon on Plum District and four friends also bought the coupon which doubled my coupon, so I got the teacher plan book totally free! (except for shipping..) 

If you haven't yet joined Plum District, feel free to sign up using my referral link!


Katie said...

I have one that is being shipped to me right now and I cannot wait to get it!

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