Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Take me out to the ball game! :)

On Sunday, I went with my sisters and cousins to the Nationals Ballpark in Washington D.C. for a fun afternoon of baseball! 

Molly, Me, Matthew! And two presidents, haha!

We usually go to at least one game every summer but hadn't gone to any games yet this year. When my sisters heard that we could get kids tickets for $1 for Sunday's game, we decided to go and take my two younger cousins.

Entering the stadium!

It was extremely HOT out that day, but thankfully our seats were in the shade--whew!

Great view from our seats!

We had fun watching our team score a few runs but unfortunately, it wasn't enough to win, but we still had a great time.... At one point, my cousin Matthew (almost 13 yrs old) said after someone struck out to end the inning, leaving the bases loaded,  "You know, I just don't understand why that guy didn't hit a grand slam!" Haha! You and me both! 

It was a fairly big crowd for Labor Day weekend--must have been those $1 tickets! ;) :)

Molly and I--fun day with family!
The President mascots race every game and Teddy Roosevelt has never won! Sad! He was in the lead for a bit and I thought we might get to be a part of history if he did win, but no luck! :(

All in all, it was a great way to spend our Labor Day Sunday! :)


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