Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Very Bloggy Christmas!

I heard about A Very Bloggy Christmas gift swap put on by Laura from Between the Lines and Lil' Woman and decided it would be so fun to participate!! A chance to "meet" other bloggers and exchanging fun packages?? Absolutely!!! :) 

I was so happy to be partnered up with Meg from Through the Roses and was SO excited when my package arrived in the mail!

When I opened it, I found this: 
Cute box---check!!

And inside was all of this fun stuff:

Adorable bottle of hand and body cream that smells SO good--like flowers and apples!

Cute bottle of body scrub---YES! I love body scrubs and how smooth they make your skin feel! And this also smells fabulous!

And a brand-new Vera Bradley Zip ID holder! I was SOOOOOO excited to get this! 

I am ridiculously obsessed with Vera Bradley and use a Zip ID holder every day to hold my badge at school! (Hahaha, badge makes it sound much more important than what it actually is--A Public School County I Won't Name On this Blog ID card that has my name and a picture of me where I have a totally cheesy smile on my face haha (eww)...anyway totally off track!)
So the crazy thing is, I actually was JUST thinking to myself that I wanted to get a new one because my old one is a little ratty, so I was planning on asking for one for Christmas!

But now I have this adorable one--yay!!! I think I will save it for when we go back to school in January after the Winter Holiday Break... I might be in need of something bright and cheery then...hah...

Thank you so much Meg for the fabulous gifts!! :) :) :)


Anonymous said...

Another great swap that I missed! Btw, love that you added my button to your site! Thanks girl!

Heather said...

aw, what a perfect gift for you! im swinging by from the blog swap, just wanted to say hello!

Erin said...

No problem Erin! I LOVE your blog, haha! :)

Yea Heather--I couldn't have picked out better gifts for myself! :) :)

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