Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Blog Challenge Day 2: Favorite Holiday Tradition New or Old

It is Day 2 of Neely and Amber's Holiday Blog Challenge and today's topic is favorite holiday tradition, new or old--fun fun!

We have lots of fun traditions in my family during the Christmas season!

One of our oldest (and possibly oddest) traditions is having a traditional Christmas Eve dinner serving....Chinese food....whaaat? :) 

Haha, it sounds a little weird, but it all started years ago when my sisters and I were much younger. We were leaving the next day for a trip to visit family and my parents didn't want a lot of leftovers, so they decided we'd get Chinese take-out to make things easier as we got ready for our trip.

Well the next year rolled around and my mom asked us what we wanted for Christmas Eve dinner and we said "Chinese food of course! Duh!" and my mom said "Okayyyy, we can do Chinese again.." probably while thinking to herself what strange children she had, haha...

Every year since then, we've had Chinese food at our Christmas Eve dinner. :)

There will soon be Chinese food on these plates...yum! :)

We have other traditions too:

                                                           Decorating our tree

                                                Putting up our favorite ornaments

This is one of my favorite ornaments--I got it when I was a baby! :)

                                              Wearing pajamas all day on Christmas

This stuffed animal kitten was given to me by my mom so I would stop incessantly talking about how I wanted a kitten, even though I'm highly allergic to them..haha...it is possibly one of my favorite gifts ever ;) :)

                       Hanging our stockings with our favorite stocking hangers

                                                         I love Christmas!! :)


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