Monday, January 23, 2012

Make It My Own Monday!

Today is Make it My Own Monday---linking up with Holly at Running in Stilettos and Chelsea at Hello Miss Chelsea! Yay!

I love this link-up! I love finding an outfit on Pinterest to make my own! So fun!

This is the picture I found: 

I love pink, black and black boots so this was a fairly easy one to recreate! :)

Taking a picture of yourself with an Iphone? Not so much! Here are a few ridiculous out-takes......
Hmm, this would work if you wanted to just see the top of my head, haha!   
Yeahhh, kind of look like Casper the Ghost in this one! Lol!
A little better but still not the best shot... :-/

At this point, I'm thinking "Ok, this is ridiculous, what can I do?"

Then, it hits me....HELLO! My younger sister is in her room about 3 feet away from mine. I can go ask her to take a picture for me! Not sure why it took me about 15 minutes to think of that...I must be really tired, haha....

That's better! :)
Dress: Forever 21
Tights: Alloy (they are super soft--totally recommend them!)
Scarf: Old Navy
Boots: Nordstrom
I love Make it My Own Mondays! :)


Miss Chelsea said...

What a cute scarf! I love wearing black on black with a bright accessory, it's so easy & you always look so pulled together. Thanks for linking up!

Holly said...

I agree with Chelsea! Love all black with a pop of color in an accessory! Great outfit! Thanks for linking up!

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