Sunday, January 29, 2012


Running is a hobby that I've taken up fairly recently. I started a running program (Couch to 5K) over the summer but had to stop in August when I had a surgical procedure on my leg and had stitches for 3 weeks. It took my leg some time to fully heal and then I got busy with the beginning of school....

Around October/November-ish, I started running again because I was planning on running my first 5K with some of my friends. Wellll, about 5 days before the race, I had severe pains in my stomach (or possibly my gallbladder--it is still a mystery...) and my doctor put me on a liquid diet for a week, and I knew there was no way I could run with so little nourishment in me..:( Sad! I was so disappointed!

Well, a few weeks ago I heard about race Love The Run You Are With which sounds totally fun and convinced my friend Brittany to run it with me! I'm super excited! It will be my first "official" race! And we're also really excited for the soft fleece blanket that we get as souvenirs, haha! :)

Today I ran (and occasionally walked) 2 miles and it felt great! Okay, actually it was freezing and my legs were killing me by the end, but I pushed through it and I'm glad I did! It is hard sometimes to find the motivation, especially during the work week, but now that I have a goal (run the 5K) and a deadline (February 12), I know I'll be able to push myself harder each day! I've found some quotes on Pinterest that have helped me keep my goal in mind! 


Jenny said...

Love this!!!! That race looks really fun! I def. think having a race to train for and having friends to run with makes it so much more enjoyable. Glad you have both! You'll have to take lots of pics at the race and post them here, I want a recap!!! :)

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