Monday, March 12, 2012

Favorite of the Week!

Today I'm linking up with Erin at Everything According to Erin for the Favorite of the Week!

This week's favorite: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS! I absolutely love this show! I know, I know--I sound like a 14 year old girl. I'm sure the creators meant for the fans to be preteens and teens (which I am definitely not), but I got hooked on it after the very first episode and there was no turning back!  I've also read the books, which are really good but a little different from the show.


It's very suspenseful and interesting--I never see all of the crazy plot twists coming! Not to mention that the girls wear absolutely gorgeous outfits! Seriously--my high school wardrobe didn't even come close to what these lovely ladies wear each day. This show is definitely something that makes my Mondays just a little brighter! (Although there was one episode that I watched a little late that night and then I was a teensy bit afraid to go to sleep...haha!)

I want their wardrobes, hairstylists and makeup artists! :)


Another perk of being a Pretty Little Liars fan? Some of the girls in my 6th grade class think I'm "SO COOL" for liking that show. Haha! Having the kids think I'm "cool" is certainly not my goal in teaching, but hey, I'll take it! A few sweet girls and I got into a lengthy discussion about who we think "A" is while walking back from recess one day, haha....I can only wonder what their parents might think if they hear I watch this show too!

These girls would be lost without their cell phones. Also, I think their school has a very lenient cell phone usage policy haha..


If you haven't watched it and are interested, I know at least Season 1 is available on DVD, so you should check it out! It's on ABC Family on Mondays at 8pm. Love it!! :)


Kristine said...

OBSESSED with PLL! Too bad I'm like SUPER behind. And since I'm so behind in the times and don't have a DVR, I've gotta wait until the season is over so I can watch it on Amazon :) ♥

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