Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hey Girl...LOL!

The hilarious "Hey Girl' pictures have been all over the Internet and Pinterest and there is even a funny website completely devoted to "Hey Girl" pictures related to teaching, which I love! Plus, most of them involve Ryan Gosling who I'm going to marry a fan of...(Hello, The Notebook! Best movie ever!)

Here are some of my favs that I've seen recently....

Via Natalie via Pinterest
Haha, love this! An apple a day and Ryan Gosling? Yes please!

Via Plainfield Library via Pinterest
I almost fell over when I saw this friend Emily and I are taking a professional development class and one of the things we just learned about was Boolean Search techniques! I cannot wait to show her!

Via Laura via Pinterest
 Oh word problems...haha! Although the answer here is certainly the best one! :)

Via Sara-Anne via Pinterest
Sigh.... :)

Via Beth via Pinterest
Hahaha! Love that I'm not the only one who sees no problem with leggings at work..yep--my school is awesome like that! :) And although he's not Ryan Gosling, I think he'll do.. ;)


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