Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pinterest Wednesday!! :)

I'm so excited to be sponsoring this week's Oh How Pinteresting Link-Up at The Vintage Apple! This is one of my absolute favorite link-ups (and I'm not just saying that because I'm sponsoring it this week, haha!) I LOVE finding new and interesting things on Pinterest! :) 

Let's get started!

1.) Such a creative idea! I love to lounge around my bed and flip through my favorite magazines and this is an adorable way of storing them!

Coisasdaorlas Blog via Rebecca via Pinterest

2.) Ooooh, this is a really pretty spring dress! I love the color and the belts are a great touch!

Mod Cloth via Emily via Pinterest

3.) Haha!!! Funny that none of the young ones in my classes have ever asked why Johnny needs so many apples or why Suzie is buying 12 gallons of milk...haha!

Maria via Pinterest

 4.) Oh my gosh---so true! Do not ever read WebMd or any other medical website after about 9pm. You will be convinced that whatever worst-case medical scenario possible is about to come true....(or is that just me? Haha...)

Shoe Box Blog
via  Christine via Pinterest

5.) Tiffany-inspired nails??!? Yes please! Just seeing this color makes me happy and the design is amazing!

Elaine via Pinterest

6.) Haha--so true! The next time my dad someone I knows tells me that I have too many shoes, I will just show them this! :)

Kathy via Pinterest

7.) This bookcase is so cute!! It has a very Vera Bradley-ish look, and the colors are gorgeous! I definitely want to make one like this someday.

Maja via Pinterest

8.) HAHA! Oh Pinterest.... you never cease to amuse me!

Olivia via Pinterest

I hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday and enjoys showing their favorite pins from the week! Thank you Michelle for letting me sponsor this week's Oh, How Pinteresting! :)


poptartyogini said...

Congrats on hosting this week. I tried to play along but I couldn't figure out how to get the button. I made up my own and linked to you. Good pins again this week.

Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

Haha, I recently "web md'd" myself.
Fortunately, I am not dying.
Found you through Oh How Pinteresting! I am # 130something on the list. ha!
Following you via twitter now!

Monica said...

Great pins!
I love that dress and OMG that MTV cribs one! haha!

christine donee said...

I love anything HP related. Obviously.

Katelyn said...

I would love to link up with this pinterest party! my blog is

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