Sunday, April 15, 2012

Catching Up...

It started off as a beautiful day of hiking, having a picnic, taking lots of fun photos with my friends Tabitha and Kristen at Great Falls, VA--a beautiful park!

Full of smiles! Little did I know...hah

Great Falls is such a pretty place and it was a really nice day out, and although I normally am not a fan of anything involving hiking/the outdoors, I decided to be adventurous and come along... 

My friends and I hiked up and down paths, took tons of pictures near the falls, watched some rescue boats practice their drills, saw a crazy brave kayaker go up and down some of the falls (although I'm pretty sure you aren't allowed to do that!), and went all the way down to the last overlook, which was about 2 miles from where we had started. We took a few more pictures and started to make our way back. 

We decided to stop at this really cool rock cave that had been carved by high waters years ago where tons of children people were getting their pictures taken. We took turns climbing in the rock cave and got some cute pictures.

 Normally, I like both of my feet firmly on the ground (hah), but I decided to climb up and oops...on my way back down, I was not looking very carefully and my foot got caught in a rock and twisted underneath itself (gross!!). I immediately knew something was not right, but also knew we had at least a mile to go before getting back to our car. My wonderful friends were full of sympathy and walked at a snail's pace with me, but even that was super painful! :(

I went to get it x-rayed and the doctors said it was a foot sprain and gave me this lovely walking cast shoe to wear.

Well, at least I had a freshly painted pedicure..haha

So for the first week back at school, I had lots of concerned people asking about my foot and most importantly asking me if I knew I was wearing different shoes...hello--it is a cast, not a shoe! Seriously--I wish I was joking...

After almost a full week back at school, my foot was hurting even more than ever, so I went to the doctor's on Friday morning and it turns out.....oops...the ER doctors injury is actually a bad ankle sprain and I have at least one, maybe two torn ligaments! :(

And the best part? The walking cast the ER gave me was not at all the kind I should have been wearing for this type of wonder my foot was feeling worse!

Soooo, now I get to wear this totally enormous ski boot walking cast boot, which is even uglier than the previously mentioned walking cast shoe (a feat I did not think was possible...) 

For the next 6-8 weeks....


Looking on the bright side, I've had lots of time to watch movies and TV shows that I was behind on, which is always nice! 

I'm not really sure why it took me so long to get this posted, since I have been basically bed-ridden (except for work of course) since it happened, but oh well, my foot was hurting.

And I'm back now! :) And ready to start a new work week (total lie) and trying to decide which of my darling students is going to be my special go-to helper for the next two months... :)

And from now on, no more hiking for ever again..


Kim said...

That is so awful!!! I hope you heal up quickly!! Or are almost healed by now!!!

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