Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pinterest Wednesday!

I'm a little late getting this up, since Wednesday is almost over, haha, but this week has been SO busy!

I'm linking up with The Vintage Apple for another edition of Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!

1.) I LOVE this idea for a bench! So fun!

Home and Garden via Ali via Pinterest

2.) Such a CUTE spring dress! Love these colors! Must find one asap!

Simplicity via
 Kelly via Pinterest

3.) This is me to a T...yes, I know it might be a little neurotic, but typos and misspelled words drive me crazy! Haha...and that is why it takes me forever to text....:)

Nerd Quirks via Molly via Pinterest

4.) As if I don't already talk enough in my own voice...but it's so true--I love British accents more than any other accent in the world...and if I was going to live in any other country than the US, it would definitely be in the U.K.! :)

Breann via Pinterest

5.) Aww, I love this! :)
Jeremy via Pinterest

6.) Um, I'm pretty sure if I had something to cook on as awesome as this, I would cook WAY more often than I cool!

Urban Kitchen and Bath via Liz via Pinterest

7.) This is SUCH a good idea! I'm so doing this for my upcoming trip to Mexico! :)

Emily via Pinterest

8.) Hahaha! Yep...there are just some days like this...
Phillip via Pinterest


Amber said...

That bench is so adorable! I do the same thing with text messages, and the last someecard is hilarious and so true! :)

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