Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's Ok Thursday!

Today I'm linking up with Neely and Amber for It's Ok Thursday!

It's ok to...

* change into pajama pants as soon as I get home from work (lol--I do this way too often, I know!)..even though it's now summer break, I still lounge around in PJs more than is probably socially acceptable, haha!

* crank up the AC when it's ridiculously hot outside! (A typical Virginia summer has hit us full force--I hate the humidity! Blahh...)

* spend lots of time pinning craft projects on Pinterest that I will probably never have time to get to...and still enjoying every cute, adorable pin I find!

* think my boyfriend watches too many episodes of Storage Wars....hah!

* yet... watch more shows on ABC Family than any other channel (Pretty Little Liars, Bunheads, Jane by Design, etc.)

* to paint my nails multiple times a week..(hey, it's summer break for this teacher...going to enjoy it while I can!)

* to be literally sick and tired of doctors offices and medical facilities...between all the drama with my 3 months and counting saga of The Sprained Ankle That Won't Get Better and this week's Cornea Abrasions and Corneal Ulcer infection, I am sooooo ready to be done with medical appointments and procedures...(Also? I had literally no idea it was even possible to get an ulcer in your eye...SO weird!)

* be counting down the days until my trip to Europe! (17 days--eek!!) Can't wait to explore the sights of London, Ireland and France with 3 fabulous friends!!! :) :)


A Shopaholic Runner said...

Are there people that don't change into their pajamas as soon as they get home from work? I do the exact same thing! :) PJs are way more comfortable!

Kristyn said...

O.M.G. My boyfriend watches Storage Wars too. He tapes it so he watches them whenever he is home. That is too funny. He also watches Pawn Stars and Cajun Pawn Stars. And I watch Bunheads too...when he's around. :)

I love getting into PJs after work. Isn't that what you are supposed to do?

poptartyogini said...

yes, yes, yes to jammies. i spend as much time with an elastic wasteband as possible. i'm so sorry about the ulcer in your eye. i didn't know that was possible either! take care of yourself and 17 days is pretty darn awesome.

Little Miss MBA said...

Love it! Home from work and the PJs are on!

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