Saturday, August 11, 2012

European Vacay Recap!

Well, I've been back in the US technically for 6 days, but I really feel like it's only been two or three because the jet lag recovery was pretty brutal! Luckily, I had enough going on this week to more or less force me back into a schedule, but yeah it was a little tough!

My trip was fantastic and we had SO much fun!! I started out in London with my friend Tabitha and we got to do many cool things: 

Buckingham Palace! The queen was busy but sent her regards! :)

Westminster Abbey! The audio tour here was fascinating!

Kings Cross! Hahaha!

Harry Potter Studio tour!

The view from the London Eye!

On top of the Tower Bridge!

After four fabulous days in London, we flew to Ireland and spent two days exploring the beautiful sights of Blarney! We walked around the castle, took pictures of ourselves kissing the stone and went to plenty of adorable shops!

Ireland is so pretty!!
Next, we took multiple trains, buses and taxis to Belfast, in Northern Ireland and stayed with our friend Rachel, who recently moved back to Belfast! It was soooo fun seeing her! 

Super fancy hotel where we had high tea!

Gorgeous scenery!

Definitely the prettiest beach ever!
After spending a week in Belfast, we took the train back down to Dublin and took a city bus tour, which was really cool!

And then I proceeded to come down with a fever, headache and horrible sore throat! :( Boo! I spent our second day in Dublin curled up in bed with my Nook and all of the sick day necessities below: 

Fanta Orange was instrumental to my recovery....
Not exactly the way I had planned to tour Dublin, but oh well!!

Next update will be solely devoted to Paris!!! :)


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