Friday, September 14, 2012


Oops! Didn't mean to take so long away from this little blog, but the first two weeks back at school have been (as usual!) quite crazy and soo busy!

Several things to share today....

* Today is my last birthday of my 20s---whaaaat??!? I feel old! My 20s are literally flying by! But I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family and awesome friends who have made this birthday a special day for me. And some of my adorable students, several of whom asked today "What do you want for your birthday?", "Do you like the color pink?" "What are your thoughts on sparkly things?" "What kind of collection do you have?" (I jokingly said nail polish and they thought that was the coolest thing! Haha...well the girls at least. The boys were looking at us like we were crazy....) Several of them made me cards, one gave me a cute hairclip, and they sang happy birthday as a class, two girls made a happy birthday cheer, and five girls performed a little happy birthday dance, choreographed and all...(I'm guessing that's what they did at recess??!? Hahaha...) So sweet!!

* I am SO happy it is the weekend! I'm ready to relax, spend some time with my family and hit up the outlets on Saturday! :) Yea!


Angel said...

Happy Birthday! Kids are so amazing.

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