Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Football Frenzy!

So I think I've mentioned it on here before but I am a HUGE Redskins football fan! I love them sooo much! Our family has season tickets and goes to the games pretty often. And we are just as crazy about them when watching the games at home too.. :)

This week on Long Distance Loving, the theme for Friday's Fancies is football frenzy, so of course I had to pick my favorite team to design my outfit around!! :)

september 21st - football frenzy

And here is what I came up with!

Football Frenzy!2

Football Frenzy!2 by eraff1483 featuring leather tote bags

1.) I love this cute burgundy shirt, especially the fun little pocket!

Dorothy Perkins pocket tee

2.) You can't ever go wrong with skinny jeans and boots---one of my favorite looks for fall!

Acne mid rise skinny jeans

3. ) I want these boots soooo bad even though I have a pair (not Torys) that's almost the same, haha...

Tory Burch genuine leather boots

4.) I love this bag!! It's so cute and who cares if it's probably to big to be within the "regulations" at the football stadium. I only wish I was joking but seriously, FedEx Field has "required" dimensions that your purse has to be smaller than..I usually ignore it, hahaha! :)

Marc B leather tote bag
$76 -

5.) Love these earrings and the fading color scheme. Adorable!

Amrita Singh post earrings

6.) How fun is this ring? Love the burgundy and gold! :)

Sports jewelry

7.) I have a total scarf obsession but surprisingly, I don't have a gold one (yet....). That's about to change! :)

Etro summer scarve


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