Monday, August 12, 2013

Blog Hoppin---Meet the Teacher!

Linking up this week with Blog Hoppin for Teacher Week '13!

Today's theme---Let's Talk about Me--- Meet the Teacher!

This is me--Erin! Also known as Ms. R to some... ;) :) This picture was from the first day of school two years ago, not this past year--I guess I didn't take one this past school year!

I went to James Madison University but didn't decide until my senior year that I wanted to be a teacher (and yes, my parents were quite pleased by this, haha... ;)), so after graduation, I started a program at George Mason University to get my teaching license and Master's degree in Elementary Education. 

I teach at a fabulous school in northern Virginia and I'm so happy I am there--it's a great community with awesome fellow teachers, some of whom have become some of my closest friends! For the past 5 years, I've taught 6th grade (in my county, 6th grade is part of elementary school, which apparently it's not in very many other places around the state and country)! I enjoyed working with older students who can get engaged in bigger projects, experiments, and active learning activities. 

After 5 years in the same grade though, I felt that it was time for a change-- in the fall I will be switching to first grade! I am so beyond excited to begin teaching first grade--I absolutely cannot wait! I did my student teaching in first grade and loved it--like LOVED it, haha... It will be a big change for sure, but I'm so excited for this new adventure and helping build a solid educational foundation with my little ones. 

We have two weeks left of summer before teachers go back for a week of teacher workdays and I am SO excited and ready to begin! (Although right now, I won't object to a few more weeks of relaxing and freedom, haha...) 

And if you follow me on Pinterest, my apologies for the ridiculous amount of first grade things I've been pinning recently--how did teachers get such great ideas before Pinterest existed??!? Haha...


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