Monday, January 6, 2014

Oh winter!

Normally, I can handle winters in Virginia okay because although it gets cold, it's not SUPER cold like some places. Which I like. Well, with this polar vortex (??) coming in, here's what we are looking at: 

Um, I'm sorry, but say whattttt?? Feels like 2 degrees--no. just no. 

I'm over the cold already and its not even that cold yet. | Confession Ecard |

Hahaha. This is so me. I am not a fan of super cold weather and it's just going to get COLDER tonight....

A wind chill of 10 to 15 BELOW zero??!? Maybe that's not too bad for some hearty mid-westerners but in Virginia, we are just SOO not accustomed to this type of cold..yikes! Or maybe it's just me who can't handle this, hah!

My favorite outdoor activity is going back inside where it's warm. | Confession Ecard |

Yes! And luckily, our school system decided to close tomorrow because of the extreme (for us at least, hahaha) cold.


How do you successfully survive the cold winter months? (Unfortunately, moving somewhere warmer is just not an option right now--hah.) 


eHa said...

I'm from the Chicago are and I live in Maine. I can't stand being cold. And it's been so bad so far that 20ยบ feels warm now. :(

Starting in October I wear long underwear pretty much all the time and under everything indoors and out and wool socks. My dad used to have electric heated socks for when he shoveled the snow. I wish I could find a pair for myself. On really cold days I'll put hand warmers in my mittens and toe warmers in my gloves if I have to leave the house. Stay warm!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

I'm in Northern Virginia and was miserable when I woke up this morning to 4 degrees that felt like -10. I've never worn so many layers as I did today!

Lisa said...

WOW it was crazy cold yesterday!!!! Glad it is warming up... lol

Beka said...

Ha! I'm sorry it's so cold but this post cracked me up. First off, I bought some Vitamin D to fight off the winter blues! Also, I make a lot of soup and craft during winter. I also am trying to force myself to go out more and walk. However, it isn't in the negatives where I live.

Erin said...

Oooh excellent advice ladies! :) Thanks!

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