Sunday, August 14, 2011


The other day I found this absolutely amazing blog called Nail Nerd and oh-my-goodness, you won't believe what this talented blogger can do with her nails! Her designs and execution are unbelievable! I cannot wait to try out some of her ideas---so cool.... I decided to try one of them out today and I painted stripes on my nails. It took FOREVER, but I am so happy with the end result! I used these nail polishes:

- Milani Neon -- Fresh Teal

- Revlon --- Fuchsia Fever

- Mary Kay --- Platinum

And here is how they turned out!!

My lines weren't perfect, but I'm really happy, considering it was my first time ever doing something like this. And practice makes perfect anyway! :) I can't wait to try some other cute designs--summer fun, yay!


Nail Nerd said...

That looks fantastic, well done! The timing with taping is always tricky but your first time turned out way better than mine did. :) (and thank you bunches for the kindness!)

Erin said...

Ohh thanks so much for the feedback! :) The tape was a little tricky, but it was still fun!

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