Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Picture of the program that I even came with a FREE (no additional cost) poster!

A few weeks ago, I was able to fulfill a life-long dream of seeing the musical Wicked (well a life-long dream since 2003 when the show was created, haha)! When the show first came out, it became popular fairly quickly. I was a Theatre major at James Madison University at the time and one of my friends lent me her copy of the soundtrack and I loved it so much! My mom gave me the soundtrack for Easter and ever since then, I have been dying to see it live!

The touring company of Wicked came to Richmond, VA about two years ago but unfortunately by the time I heard about it, it was all sold out. Earlier this year, I found out it was coming to the DC area and would be performed at The Kennedy Center. I was SO excited! My family and I got tickets and although we weren't all sitting together, we each had a fantastic experience. I loved the scenery, the music, the actors--everything! It's run in DC is just about over, but if comes back another time, I am so seeing it again!

The only thing that could have made an already perfect experience even more perfect would have been if the fabulous actress Kristin Chenoweth had been playing the part of Glinda. I did like the performances of all of the actors, but still, Kristin Chenoweth is sooo awesome! Besides being the original Glinda on Broadway, she is:

1.) On Glee--one of the best shows on TV!

2.) Incredibly talented!

3.) 4'11''--just like me! :)

If you haven't listened to the soundtrack to Wicked, you must check it out! If you haven't seen the musical, see it if possible--it is a FABULOUS show! :)


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