Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn...

I wish I could say hands-down, no questions about it, 100% for sure I loved Breaking Dawn Part 1...

but that would be a lie.

I'm actually pretty disappointed with the movie and that is a HUGE bummer! :(

I went to the midnight premiere with my friend Tabitha and although we didn't love the movie, we did still have fun.. :)

We got to the theater at about 9:45, because as veterans of the midnight premieres of the Harry Potter movies, we wanted to make sure we got a good spot in line! (Well, actually Tabitha is a veteran of the midnight HP premieres...I've only been to one. Can you be a veteran after only doing something once? Haha!)

Hahaha--umm, NO one else was at the theater for the movie when we got there..the ticket-taker was all like "Oh, I didn't even know tonight was the night for the Twilight movie.." Hmm, really? I kind of thought that was your JOB to know things like that...haha

So we found the theater and sat down on a bench and talked obsessively about our upcoming trip to New York City for about 2 hours, lol!

There were a few other people who came early and for awhile, it seemed like the 6 of us might have the theater to ourselves because really, where were all of the other people?

Well, it turns out that the ticket-takers, for some inexplicable reason, held every other person waiting to see Breaking Dawn outside of the theater, but let us stay at our spot in the "line"...hmm, not really sure why, but hey--we didn't complain! We were afraid to leave our spot for anything, so we sat there waiting for the 3 hour Bollywood movie (!??!) to get out before our theater opened up...

When it was about to start, the theater was much fuller than it seemed like it might be and everyone seemed excited for it to start...

including the annoying high school (or possibly middle school) girl who squealed every time Taylor Lautner came on screen, who seemed to think that Bella was actually dead at the end of the movie..(Spoiler Alert--she isn't!) Tabitha and I are pretty sure the girl hadn't read any of the books, haha...

I really liked the first half of the movie--the wedding was so pretty, the speeches at the reception were HILARIOUS...hard to pick just one favorite--maybe her mom singing the funny! And the place where they went on their honeymoon was gorgeous!

But once Bella got preggers, things got weird..I should have expected a little more of the creep/gag factor, but ahh--definitely did not enjoy parts of the second half...

I think Tabby's post on FB sums it up perfectly: Disappointment! I think someone at summit has been watching too many episodes of house hahaha

For reals...there is a good reason I don't watch House and it DID seem like that type of show...gross!

So yeah, overall, I think I was pretty was not really what I had expected. I'm sure I'll go see Part 2 when it comes out, but right now, I want to go watch the earlier Twilight movies and forget about the ikcy birth scene and weird wolves from breaking dawn...gag! (Why did the wolves seem much weirder in this movie?)

Did anyone else see Breaking Dawn? What were your thoughts and reactions?


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