Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pinterest Wednesday!

Linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for another edition of Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!

Here are some of my favorites:

1.) This is the cutest fall-related pin I've seen so far!! And since I don't really like candy, I definitely want to do this for Halloween! :)


2.) Love this outfit. It got me really excited about boots again, haha!


3.) Fun hairstyle that I can't WAIT to try! :)

4.) Sooo pretty!! :) :)


5.) What a great idea! I'm definitely going to set something like this up! Love it....


6.) Hahahahaha!


Christa Waldrop said...
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Christa Waldrop said...

Nice to meet another DC area blogger! Great fall pins! Happy Wednesday!

Significance or Nothing.

Nicholl Vincent said...

love that hair style!

Have a lovely day! Stop by and say hello! :)

Destiny said...

Hi! That last one is funny! I'm your polish partner! I'm husband is at fort lee! Nice to talk with others in the state makes me feel closer lol. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

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