Tuesday, August 14, 2012

European Vacay Recap Part 2!

So far, I've written about my trip to the UK and Ireland, and after those fun two weeks, we made our way to the beautiful city of Paris!

I have always loved Paris and always talked about visiting/moving there one day. (That was before my ten year old self knew how bad I am at learning new languages and how hard French is!  7 years of studying it and I barely could order a crepe, hahaha....)

Here are some highlights from our 9 day stay in Paris! :)

Arc de Triompe!

Hahaha...yeah cheesy I know, but had to be done ;) :)

Possibly my favorite photo from the entire trip. My friend Kim took it for me because I was afraid to get too close to the edge was too short!

On the very TOP of the Eiffel Tower! For someone who has been terribly afraid of heights all my life, this was a major accomplishment! :)

So cool!!!

Champagne tour in Reims? Don't mind if I do! :) Ooh it was sooo good!!

The most amazing cathedral ever! This is in Reims. Seriously, so pretty!!

We had baguettes, cheese, tomatoes, champagne in the Luxemborg Gardens and it was the most delicious dinner!  Besides escargots, definitely my favorite thing to eat in France!

I have about a thousand more photos (quite literally!), definitely could not post them all here, but I think this one basically sums up how I feel about Paris:


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