Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Update

Today I'm linking up with Sami from Sami's Shenanigans, Leeann from Join the Gossip and Dana from five30three for a Weekend Update!

I swear, this weekend was one of the first weekends in forever that I didn't feel completely swamped with work and grading! We just began our second quarter which means first quarter grades are turned in and the majority of my parent-teacher conferences are DONE! :)

My weekend started with me taking the day off Friday because of a medical procedure, so having a little extended weekend was nice.  Although for most of the day on Friday, I was in some pain -- I mostly rested after I got home from my appointment.  I got caught up on some shows I had Tivo-ed (including 2 Lifetime movies..I'm addicted to Lifetime movies--that goes all the way back to college, haha!). 

On Saturday, I went outlet shopping with my sister and found some really cute clothes with great discounts!! The whole time we were at the outlets, both of us could NOT figure out why there were SO many people there...we kept asking ourselves "Um, did Black Friday come a little early?". It wasn't until way later that my sister texted me something about a "Veteran's Day Sale" at the outlets. Duh! It's probably one of the biggest shopping weekends, at least of the early fall--no wonder it was so crowded haha!

Sunday was another relaxing and low-key day. I did boring things like laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning my room, and being lazy. I watched some football but I just can't get excited about games when the Redskins aren't playing and since was the bye week, I didn't have my usual Sunday afternoon entertainment...(well, that's one word for how this season has gone so far, hahaha...) 

Definitely not the most exciting weekend ever but it was such a relief to NOT spend hours and hours of my weekend working on grades, conference forms, or anything-else work related! A relaxing and rejuvenating weekend was exactly what I needed! 


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